Photos and Fun Facts

During our time at Race to Read, we have compiled some interesting facts about reading and our program, like for example:


• In 2012, Seven Vermont Elementary Schools Participated in Race to Read (Moretown, Warren, Braintree, Fayston, Williamstown, Roxbury and Waitsfield)

• In those 7 schools, over 5000 books were read specifically for the challenge.

• In total, almost 38% of all students in the schools completed the challenge of reading 15 books in 3 months.

• Williamstown Elementary had a 71% completion rate, meaning almost 3/4 of the entire school read 15 books.

• Williamstown was the largest school.

• Roxbury was the smallest school, with only about 30 students in grade 1-4

• In total, 15 different schools have participated in Race to Read.


• The most popular book author by Race to Readers is Dr. Seuss

• Race to Read has been featured in 6 seperate newspapers, a national magazine and appeared 4 times on WCAX.

• The first person to ever complete the challenge was a 1st grader named Beckett. He completed 15 books even before his school (Waitsfield) started participating.

• Due to race conditions, each individual signature on the Race to Read hoods require retracing 3 times throughout a single race season.

•If you lined up all the books read for Race to Read since its inception, it would stretch over 10 miles. Thats 40 laps around Thunder Road!

•Only 2% of reading skills come from visual senses. The other 98% is auditory and listening based.

•English is the most difficult major language to read.

•The average person reads less then one book a year.

•Finland uses the Closed Captioning on the television set to aid in reading skills.? PS- Finland is the most reading proficient country in the world.

•Practice does make perfect; there is a direct correlation between how much someone reads and how good they are at reading.


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